Flow Phantom provides you the ability to assign priorities to your upsell and cross-sell offers. This powerful feature aids in reducing upsell and cross-sell fatigue while helping to better inform your customer about your product range.

In certain situations, Flow Phantom will traverse down the priority list to find the most suitable offer. If no more suitable offers are available as per the criteria set in the Flow Phantom dashboard, then the offer won't display. In the case of 'add to cart' and 'post-purchase' offers, it means the popup or slide-out won't appear. For 'on-page load' offers, the offer won't update.

Flow Phantom will go down the priority list under the following circumstances:

  1. Offer Already in the Cart: Upsells and cross-sells inform the customer about their options. If a product is already in the cart, they're already aware of it! Hence, it's better to inform your customers about other products they might be interested in.

  2. Product has No Inventory: Offering a product that turns out to be out of stock after the customer adds it to their cart can lead to a poor user experience. Thus, Flow Phantom will only promote products that are in stock. For those products that do not track inventory, they are always considered in stock by Flow Phantom.

  3. Shipping Information is Not Filled Out and is Required for the Offer: This condition is applicable only to 'post-purchase' offers. If a customer checks out with a product that does not require shipping (like a digital product or service), Webflow does not require the shipping field to be filled out. If you cross-sell a digital product with a physical product post-purchase, we won't know where to ship the product! In such scenarios, Flow Phantom moves down the priority list until it finds a product that does not require shipping.

Why Aren't My Offers Showing?

Keep in mind, Flow Phantom will navigate down the priority list and if it finds no suitable offer, none will be displayed.

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