Upsells vs Cross-sells


Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a higher-end version of the product they're interested in, or to include additional features or services that increase the value of the purchase. The aim of upselling is to increase the order value and provide customers with more premium features or benefits.

For example, if a customer is considering a standard model smartphone, an upsell would be to encourage them to purchase a higher-end model, or to add an extended warranty to their purchase.


Cross-selling, conversely, involves suggesting related or complementary products to the customer's main purchase. This strategy increases the total value of the sale by adding more items to the customer's shopping cart.

In the context of the smartphone example, cross-selling would be recommending a phone case, earphones, or a portable charger that complements the customer's chosen smartphone.


In the context of sales and marketing, the term "offers" is used to describe opportunities that businesses present to customers to encourage them to spend more. These opportunities could involve more expensive products, additional features, or related items. Both upsells and cross-sells can be considered types of offers.

Using Flow Phantom for Upselling and Cross-selling:

  • Upsells: When a customer chooses to accept an upsell offer, the items in the shopping cart that initially triggered the upsell (the items listed in the display criteria) are automatically removed. This happens because the upsell usually involves a superior version or a value-added enhancement of the original item. Hence, when the customer opts for the upsell, the initial item becomes redundant and is removed from the cart.

  • Cross-sells: On the other hand, when a cross-sell offer is triggered, the suggested items are added to the shopping cart without removing any existing products. This aligns with the concept of cross-selling, where the objective is to add supplementary or complementary items to the primary product, thereby increasing the overall value of the purchase.

Understanding these distinct functionalities of upselling and cross-selling within Flow Phantom enables merchants to maximize their sales strategies, boost customer value, and ultimately drive increased revenue.

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